The manizaleño businessman who increased the demand for portable toilets for the pandemic

2022-06-15 15:26:11 By : Mr. Confi Dgen

In a construction project there are several professionals: the one who does the soil study, the architect, the structural engineer who defines the columns and beams so that the work does not fall, the electrician who is in charge of the electrical network and the hydraulic engineer. that puts water to the structure and protects it with a fire net.The latter is Hugo Ferney Franco Henao, owner of the company Hugo Franco Ingeniería SAS, a Manizales-based venture that was born seven years ago and that today has two additional business units: maintenance of septic tanks and the hydro-environmental laboratory of Manizales.He also designs water tanks, piping, and the system for good pressure.He comments that his dream was always to create his own company, to be an entrepreneur, but first he was employed in both the public and private sectors to learn about business movements.His business idea was conceived 12 years ago.What led you to undertake?Hugo Ferney replies that this is born with the person and that there are two types: those who have technical and professional skills and knowledge, but who are destined to be employed;and those who have the vein to undertake, be curious, investigate and seek opportunities where others only see needs and shortcomings.“There are people like me who see the other side of the coin.For example, there are people who are concerned because the municipality is barefoot and others see the opportunity to sell shoes;some worry because there is a lot of sun and others dedicate themselves to making hats and umbrellas”, explains Franco Henao.He says that in 2014 he started his own entrepreneurship when he resigned from his job in public office.“I was employed in a private company where I learned a lot from Mr. Juan Bernardo Botero Botero, who was my Hydraulic Engineering teacher.He did school to be bold and smart in the market, and to know how to play”.Franco Botero recommends that people who want to start a business first get to know the street, the market and define well what they want to do.Likewise, he suggests being cautious and prudent when investing in a business.“Since I went to school, I met people, I began to study, I had contacts;I learned about prices, payments, the dynamics of entities and how money moves.I stored that in a safe and in a piggy bank until one day I decided to start a business and with the liquidation I bought a desk, a chair and a computer, that's how I started”.Hugo Franco Engineering SAS is dedicated to hydraulic, sanitary, and environmental engineering and designs, as well as water works in construction projects and the fire line of businessHugo Franco Ingeniería SAS manufactures and designs portable toilets, a line of business that was born from the experience of hydraulic and environmental design for wastewater treatment plants, which on a smaller scale are called septic tanks where there is no sewage system.“I started this unit with the design of some wells, since Corpocaldas requires maintenance, and when I was doing it I realized that there was no one to do it.At the time of the consultancy they told me to also start up portable toilets because in Manizales there was only one company of that type and that is how I ventured”.Franco Henao says that during the pandemic, the demand for portable toilets increased because clinics and hospitals sought them out.They are also involved in infrastructure projects for workers, such as the Pácora-Salamina, La Merced-La Felisa and Panamericana highways;as in the industrial zone and constructions.“We provide a good service and that has made the company grow.I focus on that.Because of that, we were able to continue working through the pandemic without having to lay off anyone.It was an advantage because I was able to access government benefits such as payroll subsidies and investment loans.”The goal of this entrepreneur is to expand with his projects, but he remembers: "Everything at his time, you have to have the ability to know how far you can grow and master the business."To date, this company offers its services of bathrooms and septic tanks in the three departments of the Coffee Region, and consulting and designs for Barranquilla, Bogotá, Medellín, Chocó, Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda.What is the most difficult thing to undertake?Franco Henao says that there are two difficulties.The first thing is taxes."Undertaking and creating a company in Colombia is complex because of taxes, they overwhelm the business fabric."Second, find the qualified human resource."When there is a cut in personnel, the first to leave are the mediocre and bad workers, one does not take out their best employees in a crisis."For Franco Henao, the generation of employment is part of the gift of the entrepreneur.“Everyone works for money, to have a sustainable standard of living, to meet the needs of their family, to treat themselves to personal tastes, such as dressing and eating well, therefore, generating employment is providing satisfaction to employees.It is to see the gratitude when they are paid their fortnight, when they go on vacation or when they receive their bonuses”.* Franco Henao narrates that he made a treasure map 10 years ago because he believes in the power of the mind and the first thing he did was create his own company because he always wanted to generate employment and be the best."I want to put my company at the pinnacle of engineering."* He participated in 2016 in the Manizales Más High Potential Companies program, where he trained with the Babson College, from there he got contacts from other entrepreneurs to rub shoulders with the big ones.“To be great, one has to rub shoulders with the greats.”Hugo Ferney Franco Henao is an architect from the National University.He has two postgraduate degrees from the same university: a specialist in Environmental Engineering, in the sanitary area, and in Hydraulic Engineering.He is an expert in fire protection networks, water management and 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